„There is no perfect work, but it not a reason for its condemnation. It is better to built on good rudiments instead of ruining, and seeking the Holy Grail.“
- prof. Jan Dědič

Welcome to my website.

I profess translating from English, or into English, more than quarter of a century. I have chosen this profession not only because I could built on rudiments acquired during a stay and studies abroad, but also because it went well together with upbringing my three sons. And I think I have been successful.

After the year 1989, I began to work for lawyers, translating legal texts. Therefore, I have applied for appointment, and in 1993 became a court translator. I am trying to be more active in this field as a member of the Chamber of Court Translators and Interpreters of the Czech Republic, already nine years also as the member of its Board. I am improving my professional qualification not only by attending specialized courses and seminars, but also as an associate lay judge of a criminal court.

Beside my many other likings, I would like to mention history and contemporaneousness of my birthplace, Prague. Therefore, I am for several years also the member of the Club for Old Prague.