„There is no perfect work, but it not a reason for its condemnation. It is better to built on good rudiments instead of ruining, and seeking the Holy Grail.“
- prof. Jan Dědič

Translations and/or certified translations:

Mainly, I do so called certified (official) translations (bearing translator´s clause, official seal and signature) from English to Czech, or from Czech to English, and that especially legal translations (contracts, powers of attorney, judgments, statements, affidavits, etc.), as well as other documents and instruments (e. g. certificates of birth/death/ marriages, or diplomas).

Since 1991, I translate for Czech and international law offices, business companies, etc; and from the year 1993, also for state bodies and authorities in criminal and civil matters.

Price:    CZK 600,–

for one page (i.e. 1500 characters without spaces), and also every started.

I can provide certified translations also in electronic form signed with qualified electronic signature.

My Trade Licence ref. No.: ŽIO/29621/1/2006/ZACH/LAV,
Ev. No.: 310026-10732

I have been appointed as the court interpreter and translator of English
language by the Regional Court in Prague on 26th October 1993.

From 1 January 2021, enrolled in the list kept by the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic only as court translator.